Weekly Moves | Feb 21 – 27

Modifications are for us all. They help us understand the foundations of a movement so that we feel it in all the right places. And they remind us to treat our bodies with care as we gain strength. Choosing a modification is something we will always celebrate in the Movement by NM community. Meet yourself wherever you are today and see how this simple act changes your relationship with fitness.


The Schedule


NEW | Learn Modifications of Boxing Foundations with Rob. “It’s all about building your skill to a pace where you feel confident.” In this new class, Rob Couzens provides valuable tips in learning Boxing Foundations as well as modifications for some of the movements. We recommend taking notes. Time: 4 mins


Stick It with Rob Couzens. Take the lessons you learned yesterday and apply them to today’s class. As you move through Stick It, make sure you are going at a pace that you are comfortable with. As Rob says, you can always pause the video and take a break if you need. Time: 22 mins


It’s your midweek outdoor movement break! 🌿

Go for a walk, run, bike ride––whatever you feel like! If you want to practice a class today, pick one from our New Around Here playlist.


Yoga Foundations with Kate Potter. Follow Kate through short tutorials of foundational yoga poses, including chair variations for each. Later, try practicing what you learn while you’re sitting on the sofa, at your desk, or at the dinner table.

Download the comprehensive Yoga Foundations program guide to learn more about these foundational yoga moves and modifications. Time: 20 mins


NEW | Learn Modifications of Strength Foundations with Keighty. In today’s class, Keighty Gallagher shows you some modifications that will help add stability to your movements and are more gentle on your joints while still getting your heart rate up. Time: 4 mins


Get Balanced with Keighty Gallagher. As you did with Rob’s class earlier in the week, try taking what you learned from Keighty yesterday and applying it to today’s strength training class. Time: 22 mins

Creativity Bonus

What are some things you do in your life to support or enhance creativity?

Here are a few things that help us:

  1. Open the windows and doors to let in sunlight and fresh air!
  2. Keep a sketchbook, journal, camera, or your favourite creative tool somewhere easily accessible like on the kitchen table.
  3. Spend time daydreaming.