Weekly Moves | Mar 7 – 13

This week is all about finding ways to get comfortable with the discomfort. Movement doesn’t always have to feel good. We encourage you to embrace the awkward stage of starting, whether it’s movement, a creative pursuit, or something else. Appreciate all the moments of learning. Acknowledge your bravery for trying. And celebrate the ways you surprise yourself.


The Schedule


NEW | Learn a New Dance Step | Pas De Bourrée. We’re starting the week off with a great activity to break out of your comfort zone –– dance! In this short tutorial, Hannah from Formation Studio teaches you the Pas De Bourrée, a classic stance step found in many styles from ballet to hip hop. Enjoy this special preview from our unreleased dance classes (coming soon). Time: 2 mins


Introduction to Align and Align with Kate Potter. Our Foundations of Weighted Yoga program provides a fun twist on classic yoga sequences by adding weights. Today’s class blends strengthening and balancing poses to create stability throughout the body. If you don’t have dumbbells, grab cans from your kitchen cupboard! Start by watching Kate’s introduction. Time: 27 mins


NEW | Learn the Athletic Mindset of Goal Setting with Dom
Homecoming practice with Dom Termansen

Learn how to tap into your inner athlete. In this workshop, Dom talks the power behind goal setting and how to move beyond what you think you can do. If you’re up for it, practice today’s optional HIIT class and move through a series of full body intervals that focus on footwork, core, and compound movements. Time: 2-15 mins


Movement Foundations Class 02 with Amanda. Today’s class focuses on circular movement patterns. You won’t be physically moving in circles, but the feeling that the sequence evokes in the body is a sense of spiralling. Expect a challenge in coordination and strength, especially in the upper body and core. Time: 23 mins


Breath Body Links – Water with Kate Potter. First, follow Kate through this breathing meditation created to connect you to water. Then get outside and enjoy some fresh air –– go for a walk, hike, bike ride. Time: 2 mins


Learn Burpees with Keighty
Learn Cartwheel (Level 2) with Slava
Learn Superman Punch with Farinaz

When was the last time you did a cartwheel? Have you ever tried a Superman Punch? Challenge yourself this weekend by learning (or relearning) these moves. The short tutorials break down the fundamentals of each move, as well as common mistakes to avoid. Remember to modify if you need to. Time: 10-15 mins

Creativity Bonus

Watch the short video MONDAY by Candice Vallantin. Crushed by the tedium of her daily routine, a business woman takes a leap of faith. MONDAY is an experimental film that explores the boundaries of narrative with movement and sound.

This week, do something outside of your daily routine. Something new that you’ve always wanted to try.